ERP's drill down function to move deeper into a chain of business data

Have you had this situation where you find from reports that somebody in your department made a large transaction, but you were unable to figure out on what the money was spent on? It would be so nice if there were a tool that could take you to the details of a transaction helping you understand the reports quickly. There are certainly multiple advantages of having drill-down functionality into your enterprise resource planning environment.

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Digital transformation; a major wake-up call for business owners

The high-speed internet on our smartphone, the cloud storage where we keep our files, that navigation service predicts traffic conditions, our favorite social networks, and the intelligent personal assistant app; we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Technology is interwoven into every aspect of our life, guiding our decisions and transforming personal lives, and making things easier and better. The question is, do organizations experience the similar transformation when they adopt techn

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ePROMIS listed in the top 20 most popular ERP software

The software industry welcomed the year 2017 with the ‘Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software Series’ of Capterra, the most trusted software review platform for buyers and experts; and we are thrilled to be listed among the top 20 most popular ERP software. Yes, ePROMIS ERP is ranked 14th among the top ERP software globally, based on customer experience and popularity. 

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Still searching for the best ERP for manufacturing industry?

Globally, the manufacturing industry has a very long history when compared to others. As your manufacturing business grows beyond borders and the production becomes more project-based, the business opportunities increase, and you will also have global competitors. As significant factors such as technology, economic climate, customer demands change and competition increase manufacturers must innovate to stay competitive.

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Two common misconceptions on Cloud-Based business applications

While selecting an enterprise resource planning environment in your business, significant factors in your decision will be whether you go for on-premise or Cloud ERP deployment. In recent years, cloud ERP has to gain popularity, especially among the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. We predict upward growth trends for cloud-based business applications in the coming years. Though the cloud computing is undeniably the key to business success, some business owners and IT managers still anxious

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