Move to a Flexible, Custom ERP Solution; Avoid Rigid ERP Software

You don’t wear a suit which is not tailored for you! Then why a Rigid ERP software in your business?

Enterprise software need to perform in a way to meet the unique needs of an organization. In a case where the CEOs expect the software to be rebuilt according to his organizational workflow, it is better off going for solutions that are customized according to the user requirements. In this case the solution can be redesigned so that, the organizational workflow is not disturbed. This leads to effective implementation with minimal delays and easy integration.

Custom ERP software solution Vs Rigid Solution

  1. Compatibility into company workflow
    Many business processes will be unique to a particular organization. Theses processes will be the backbone and unique driving force within the organization. A force-fit solution might not be able to incorporate these processes or workflow into the solution. In this case, implementing an out-of-the box system will require a major overhaul in the functioning of the organization. In the case of a custom ERP solution, the software is made in accordance with the organizations workflow, based on the industry standards. This gives the perfect balance to the workflow efficiency and improves the overall productivity.

  2. Degree of Flexibility
    The degree of flexibility varies from system to system. The custom ERP software solutions are far more flexible than the rigid ERP solutions. But, while selecting a custom ERP software solution, care should be taken that the vendor has a good history of successful implementations (Like ePROMIS Solutions Inc.). If supplier is not one with a long history and a good track record, there is a chance that the company might cease its operations due to various reasons. This can lead to a loss of the revenue and operational roadblocks may also arise. The flexibility also has a huge effect on the software upgrades that are provided to an organization. This is because the solution is tailor made for that particular organization and any upgrade also needs to be developed accordingly. So, selecting the right vendor is utmost importance while going for a custom ERP Software Solution.

  3. Implementation Time
    The out-of-the box solutions can be implemented at a much faster rate as the workflow of the organization is not taken into consideration while the implementation is carried out. Even though the time taken for the actual implementation is less, the learning curve after the implementation can turn out to be a time consuming process. In the case of a custom ERP solution, even though the implementation might take longer, the resulting system will be ready to use by the employees with minimal training as the system is in sync with the existing workflow of the organization.

To enjoy the comfort of a fully integrated custom ERP software environment, it is recommended that your business should partner with talented enterprise resource planning software providers with proven track records of successful ERP software implementation. As a leader in global ERP software market, ePROMIS has technical as well as functional experience, satisfying the market demands for over three decades and serving thousands of customer organizations globally.

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