ePROMIS Business Dashboard Increases Efficiency

Your business needs a Dashboard, just like your car needs one.

Whether it’s your car’s or business jet’s, a dashboard contains instruments and controls for the smooth running and your safety. Likewise a business dashboard is a graphical summary of various vital information which are essential for the friction-less thrive of an organisation. Historically business dashboards were developed as Executive information system for the highest ranking executives to guide them in quicker decision making. Later with the introduction of modern performance management strategies into the business, to benefit from global economic, socio-cultural transformations, many industry leaders began using dashboards at all levels of their organizations. Today, dashboards have become the integral part of business performance management.

Five major reasons for you to get Business Dashboard:

  1. Visibility : A right operational dashboard provides you with great clarity and insight. You will then know what exactly going on in all aspects of your business.

  2. Time-saving : Save your precious hours wasted in generating reports using traditional methods. A right business dashboard consistently gets you real time results from each report you call for.

  3. Measure the performance: Without measuring the performance you cannot improve it. Dashboards allow you to measure performance throughout your organisation.

  4. Performance evaluation : It is important to make business plans and strategies but its more important to make sure that your company is performing according to your plans. With traditional systems performance evaluation is a hassle while a right business dashboard can do it for you the way you wanted with real time information.

  5. Better workforce efficiency: Workforce efficiency can be evaluated through Key Performance Indicator Dashboards. As your employees know they are been judged in their manager’s dashboard, they will work smart & efficiently.

Two major concerns while selecting a business dashboard:

  • The risk of misleading graphs : Any corrupted data in the system can affect the accuracy of the dashboards. The business system should be strong enough to avoid all possibilities of data duplication, wrong, unorganized or incomplete data. Only a fully integrated business solution (eg: ePROMIS ERP software) with real time data can assure error-free business dashboard.

  • The risk of security: As all levels of the organisation are now having dashboard access, security of data has become a major concern. A right business dashboard (eg: Dashboards of ePROMIS ERP software) is powered with role-based access control, where right information is given to the right person.

In addition to what you have read above, you can now take advantage of the next breakthrough in information delivery through the unstoppable mobility of ePROMIS ERP software. ePROMIS Smart Business dashboards are completely mobile as you can access the system from anywhere via various iOS or Android devices or with a web browser. Whether your work involves sales analytics, purchase order approvals, or working at remote facilities, ePROMIS ERP software allows you to work effectively wherever you go.

With corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA and having regional offices in global cities such as London, Dubai, Riyadh and Calgary ePROMIS Solutions Inc. has established a reputation for exceptional value, excellent business relations, and steadfast reliability.

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