What is ERP Software and How it Can Help Your Business?

What is ERP software? is one of the frequently asked questions in the business world.

The growth of an organization generally build up complexities in its day to day business operations. Efficient management of workforce, ever growing customer demands, multiplying transactions and new business opportunities has become an exhausting exercise for the business owners. The replacement of a few legacy practices to an automated resource planner came into the picture with the introduction of Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) in the second half of 20th century itself, but a solution for the consolidation of complete business processes was absent until globalization became a major concern.

Enterprise resource planning, abbreviated to its commonly called name ERP is a software system which integrates all departments and functionality across an organization to attain absolute management and optimization of resources. ERP is a single software system that satisfies the requirements of people in accounts department as well as it does the people in procurement and human resource or in the sales.

In an ERP software, each department of the organization will be provided with its own independently developed system (module), which is optimized according to the way the department does its work. All disparate modules of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system are flawlessly combined together into a single point of access which runs on a common database thus avoiding every possible data duplication. This integrated approach will offer immense benefits, if the companies are implementing a complete business management software (Eg: ePROMIS ERP software).

What is ERP doing in a business?; Major benefits of having the right ERP

  • Streamlining business processes and workflow

  • Eliminating data duplication and manual data entry.

  • Consolidated at a glance information through dashboards

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Maximum efficiency, workforce productivity and profit

Still running business with the combination of standalone software systems?

A solution from the industry leading ERP software provider ePROMIS Solutions Inc, can overpower all standalone computer systems across your organization and replaces them with a single platform of integrated software modules. With ePROMIS ERP software your employees in finance, human resource, procurement or manufacturing departments get the feel of working on an own software with the extended freedom of accessing required data from other departments. Along with the general features, ePROMIS ERP software is equipped with Role based access control, User-friendly graphical user interface, interactive dashboards, and hassle free integration with common enterprise tools or business applications.

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To gain complete comfort of ERP software, it is recommended that the organizations should partner with talented providers with proven track records. As a leader in ERP software market, ePROMIS ERP software has technical as well as functional experience, satisfying the market demands for over three decades and serving thousands of enterprises globally. ePROMIS ERP software is available on premise, in cloud, and through mobile devices.

To know more about ePROMIS enterprise management solutions please click here. For other information, including latest news of global market, blogs, and corporate resources visit ePROMIS Media Center. Follow ePROMIS on Twitter @ePROMISGlobal, and watch videos on the official YouTube channel.


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