Contracts represent your company's relationship with its clients. As a contractor, you have to ensure all your obligations to your customers are fulfilled according to the contracts, which is vital to control the expenses and revenue of your business. Manage the entire Contract lifecycle with the most efficient process specific Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. ePROMIS Contract Management ERP Software improves the way of contract management from the early stages of contract creation to the completion and renewal.

  • Centralized contract documents, and data for gaining maximum visibility.
  • Reduce administrative burden and human errors with process automation.
  • Save time spent on processes, and increase productivity of contracts

ePROMIS ERP Software is the most innovative and robust contract management software for organizations in any industry, to centralize, monitor, and seamless contract management. The solution automates the entire contract management processes, enabling you to reduce the time spent on managing the lifecycle of contracts or subcontracts. Simplify contract management and administration with various features and applications such as Electronic Workflow Approval System (EAS), data integrity, extensive reporting function, searching, tracking, and timely notifications.

Interactive real-time KPI Dashboards, Extensive Reporting, and Business Intelligence capabilities of this innovative contract management software system give complete visibility into the entire procedures at any time. The system not only provides you with the visibility into the contracts but also makes sure that you have required tools to manage them all the times. All the documents are secure in a centralized database and managed with our powerful Document Management System (DAS), and are available according to user rights and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). In addition to these, the system provides with tools to manage the essential elements of cost, risk, resources, and schedules effectively and quicker.

ePROMIS ERP software increases awareness and visibility across your business, providing you with an extended view into significant information, and empowering you to take proactive management decisions.

  • Components
  • Features
  • Benefits at a glance
  • Keep track of the contract vendors and their contact details.
  • Get notified on contract dates and documents to renew them before expiry.
  • Quickly search, track, and manage contracts at any time.
  • Identify, and eliminate issues before they threaten margins.
  • Take better management decisions.
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels and meet service level agreements.
  • Manage service provision, according to contractual service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Save time spent for contract management, and maximize productivity.
  • Obtain better business planning to meet customer demands.

ePROMIS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can be delivered on cloud, on premise and mobile devices. If you are looking for more details or having questions about ePROMIS ERP Software for the Contracting or subcontracting Industry, please feel free to Contact Us.

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