ePROMIS FPM enables finance to advice operations about the financial consequences of business events quickly, and helps guide operations in their decision-making, so that decisions are aligned with the organization's overall strategy. It combines data scalability with ease of use, responsiveness, and interactivity.

Financial Performance Management (FPM)

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  • Financial Dashboard : ePROMIS Dash board is designed to offer you transparency and control. It shows you the objects that will help you with what you are doing instead of searching around the system. Dash board is one of the powerful features of ePROMIS which acts as a control panel, where in you can find the business processes for decision making. Drill-down to details – You can also choose to drill down from the Dashboard to detailed reports, to see the underlying data at all the levels. ePROMIS dashboard helps you in monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI). ePROMIS system gives you a well build and sophisticated dashboard to view the complex data in an interactive design. You are free to design your dashboard with innovative dashboard design patterns available.ePROMIS dashboard will organize the objects of business processes most effectively, leveraging actionable insights. More interactive, user friendly and available to you as and when you require. Dashboard will integrate information from multiple components into a unified display, acting as an executive information system user interface for you.
  • Financial Statement : Provide information regarding an entity’s financial position, performance and stability to an extensive range. This kind of information is crucial for enabling the management to take first hand economic decisions. This information is communicated through the financial statements, which mainly comprise the following: Balance Sheet, P/L Statement, Cash Flow Statement.
  • Financial Ratio Analysis : ePROMIS system provides a powerful, highly flexible Ratio Analysis Design Utility which facilitates the user to design their own unlimited number of Financial Ratios. ePROMIS Ratio Analysis facility provides efficient use of ratios to interpret the financial statements so that the strength and weaknesses of a firm as well as its historical performance and current financial condition can be determined. Ratio analysis also provides the all-important early warning indications that allow you to solve your business problems. In some cases, ratio analysis can predict bankruptcy.

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