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Electronic Approval System (EAS)

ePROMIS Electronic Approval System is a workflow management system designed in unique way to provide complete visibility…

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Document Management System (DMS)

Like a coffee without a cup; with the absence of an efficient document management system, all the documents created and received…

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Document Attachment System (DAS)

We stride towards generating a paper-free office environment. With Document Attachment System of ePROMIS ERP software, we…

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Real Time Information

In many of the business management solutions available in the market, on -the-ground transactions might be performed at the…

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KPI Dashboard

One quick glance at the dashboard of your car gives you all information you wanted to know regarding the speed, fuel, temperature…

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Cloud ERP or Web based ERP Software Solution

Setting up, maintaining, and upgrading a physical server can be a challenging, costly, and time consuming drain on resources…

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Fully integrated System

Best of breed solutions require integrating all the distinct 3rd party solutions each other for managing various business…

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Reporting tools

Financial reporting tools in ePROMIS helps organizations to automate, evaluate and control their data for quicker and effective…

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ePROMIS Solutions is a leading global enterprise software provider. Smart Solutions from ePROMIS including ERP Software, HCM, CRM, SRM and SCM are equipped with the gears and strength to help customers DO BUSINESS BETTER by improving productivity, anticipate success, maximize profit and the return on invested capital.

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