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ePROMIS Innovate ERP software is developed to address all the requirements of medium sized enterprises. This end-to-end ERP solution helps you to automate core processes, monitor key performance indicators, and coordinate business activities.

Cloud and Web-based architecture allow the users to access the ERP software system from anywhere in the world. They are given the freedom to moniter KPIs, approve transactions, and coordinate workforce even from mobile devices. Hassle-free upgrade to ePROMIS Enterprise ERP software anytime is possible through ePROMIS Accelerated Deployment Service.

With a wide range of modules and option for customization, ePROMIS Innovate ERP software provides you with the best fit business management solution.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • Components
  • Optional Modules
  • Features
  • Robust field service management software functionality to streamline the dispatch of workers.
  • Better execution of critical, independent contracts management.
  • Complete visibility of resources including assets, inventory, materials and labor.
  • Identifying and eliminating issues before they threaten margins.
  • Reduce administrative burden and manual process inefficiencies.
  • Manage service provision, according to contractual service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Keep track of the customers and suppliers, maintain their contact details.
  • Identify profitable and unprofitable activities to eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Keep documents unexpired with the help of Document Expiry Notification System.

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