Accounts Payable

The ePROMIS Accounts Payable system is a very powerful tool, which helps to simplify the entire payment cycle of your company. The powerful reporting tool that works in coordination with the Payable system helps save money and a considerable amount of time. With this comprehensive financial management tool one can categorize Suppliers, prioritize payments, increase the company's financial control, address the challenges of manual data entry, lack of coordination and lack of transparency within traditional vendor invoice processing as part of the purchase-to-pay cycle.

  • Features
  • The Payable master maintains and tracks all the details pertaining to a specific vendor. It records elaborate Vendor contact details and Destination Information.
  • User defined alphanumeric codes.
  • Supports Multi Currency, Multi Company feature.
  • Immediate updation to General Ledger.
  • Helps forecast current and future cash requirements.
  • Cheque Book Management facility that closely tracks all payment and cheques.
  • Cheque Management system that tracks cheques that is under process.
  • ‘Payment System’ facilitates speedy payment generations through the system
  • Thereby reducing chances of human errors and increasing productivity.
  • Create multiple invoices for a single purchase order receipt.
  • Multiple selection criteria are available to view the Vendor Reports. These reports provide easy data accessibility hence increasing financial control over the system, improving productivity, service and reducing costs.

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