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As a big enterprise, you have sophisticated business, with numerous regulatory and legal requirements. You may also have global operations. Cloud and Web Based Solutions has enabled ePROMIS customers access information anytime, anywhere giving availability of real-time information such as a financial dashboard that displays the financial status of a company at a glance. Our enterprise software provides an accurate and efficient way of tracking and monitoring business performance across multiple operations. It manages the financial consolidation required for separate companies along with Multi Company reporting and Business Intelligence that aid in accurate and timely decision making.

  • ePROMIS Enterprise edition is a fully integrated system that consolidate all the activities of your organisation.
  • Backed by years of experience and satisfied clientele, ePROMIS Enterprise software solutions promise a complete business management solution which is unique, powerful and yet ease of use.
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  • Benefits at a glance
  • Fully Integrated System : Integration between all modules reduces duplicate data entries across modules thereby saving time and improving productivity of employees.
  • Faster & Enhanced Decision with Dash Board that provide real-time information at a glance. These analytics go way beyond basic reporting and it helps identify problems in advance, spot opportunities and take fast action. It is the key to making sound and informed decisions that are crucial to the business.
  • Cloud, Hybrid or Web based solution that enables Secure and Real time access to financial data from anywhere across the globe.
  • Reporting Tools improves accountability with powerful reporting.

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