Cloud ERP or Web based ERP Software Solution

Setting up, maintaining, and upgrading a physical server can be a challenging, costly, and time consuming drain on resources for many companies in SME sector. However, by using the Cloud based ERP Software solution, the extra man-hours required, as well as the extra cost incurred in purchasing the server is eliminated, thus making this a highly cost-effective method.

At ePROMIS, we provide the best business management software solution enabling organizations to run their business with confidence. Over a period of time, we have settled ourselves as an organization that brings all that is required for the development and maintenance of a multi-infrastructure business management suite. ePROMIS web based ERP software solution has numerous benefits over on-premise software solutions.

  • ePROMIS Cloud ERP or Web based ERP software solutions are alternatives to the traditional on-premise software licensing model. Our web based ERP software will benefit companies looking for a business management solution which is easy to maintain and implemented immediately.
  • Benefits at a glance
  • Usability: Our multi-infrastructure solution interface resembles a web page since it is delivered through a web browser. This familiarity to the users will reduce the money spent on employee training.
  • Cost effectiveness: Because the ePROMIS hosts and maintains the software – performing maintenance, upgrades and backups – there is less need to invest in an in-house IT team.
  • Reliability: ePROMIS multi-infrastructure solutions have the same reliable performance as that of on-premise application, provided the bandwidth is dedicated for the application.
  • Tailor-made solution: We offer bespoke customization to our multi-infrastructure solutions quickly and effectively considering the nature of the organization, offering global functionalities with your business perspective.

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