Customer Relationship Management

Generating revenue from new and existing customers is an important task in every organization. This makes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) the most powerful business tool for all customer-focused process. ePROMIS CRM, Software Solution is more than a contact management application where you can feed the contact details of your customers. This innovative CRM software solution covers every interaction with customers across the entire business, boosts internal business process, helps manage your relationship with new and existing customers and enables you to reduce customer attrition.

  • Management decision making made easy with real-time information.
  • More productive workforce, as they can follow up on activities easier.
  • Integrated to accounts system and other modules to support data integrity.
  • Get the complete details of the customers and your interactions at all times.
  • Interactive dashboards and reports of this innovative CRM software system to monitor sales activity and to forecast sales revenue.

For your sales team, ePROMIS CRM, is the single point of access for contact details, sales pipeline, reports, calendar, to-do-list, etc; this ensures that they are more productive at work.They can schedule appointments or next follow-up dates, get an overall view of the activities on a particular prospect or client and log all inbound and outbound telephone calls or emails.

With ePROMIS CRM software solution, your customer service team can enjoy the Customer Service Records (CSR) and other client information from organizational memory, making them smarter in dealing with customer queries and complaints.

Our CRM software system allows the managers to track a potential customer's transition to an actual client, analyze the efficiency of all the marketing campaigns, evaluate sales team performance and calculate customer retention rate quickly and easily.

Benefits of ePROMIS CRM Software Solution

  • Sales & Marketing Team
  • Customer Service & Support Team
  • Senior Management & Heads
  • Retain customers and increase sales.
  • Enjoy one organizational memory for all client information.
  • Come up with more customer centric approaches.
  • Increase the number of customer queries resolved.
  • Decrease the number of service escalations.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce cost of sale.
  • Minimize margin erosion.
  • Improve shareholder value.

ePROMIS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP software) solutions are available on premise, in cloud, and through mobile devices. If you are looking for more details or having questions about ePROMIS CRM Software, please feel free to Contact Us.

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