Software Customization

At ePROMIS we offer bespoke customization to our solution quickly and effectively considering the nature of the organization, offering global functionalities with your business perspective.

  • Your industry and organization is unique, so why a non-customizable ERP software solution in your business?. ePROMIS provides you with unique solutions that fit perfectly to your present and future organizational requirements.

For us, being totally customizable means absolute flexibility on defining the data model, the screens & workflows and the reports. Although most of the software customization processes happen during implementation, we are also capable in developing and delivering changes to your ePROMIS ERP system, according to your new business requirements. We identify your business perspective for choosing the right technology in designing and deploying the solution, following all standards of the software development life-cycle.

  • Customization Process employs in 3 stages :
  • Requirement specification : Scope of the project, purpose, integration, functions required, resources involved, schedules and deliverables are sketched in this stage.
  • Requirement analysis and design: Based on the business requirement document a software architecture which is the logical flow of the software to be developed is designed.
  • Development and testing: According to the design specifications, our in-house developers make use of the latest technologies and tools for the software development. Subsequently the software go through series of Quality Assessment procedures, beginning with us and ending with the client in their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase.

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