KPI Dashboard

One quick glance at the dashboard of your car gives you all information you wanted to know regarding the speed, fuel, temperature and other critical systems to make sure that your vehicle is running smooth and safe. Similarly ePROMIS ERP's KPI dashboard functionality provides a complete visual analysis of all business activities in your organization.

ePROMIS KPI Dashboards are exclusively designed to offer you complete visibility and control over the business processes in your organization. Our BI dashboards are powerful enough to convert large volume of data into visual cues that enables you to perform efficient decision making. Key performance indicator dashboards in ePROMIS ERP software gather critical information from across your business operations and all the way through your database, to present it in a simple format that can be interpret at one glance.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • ePROMIS Dashboards offers you transparency and control.
  • Helps you in scrutinizing Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Complex data are presented in interactive and easily understandable design.
  • Business processes are organized most effectively, leveraging actionable insights.
  • More interactive, user friendly and available to you as and when you require.
  • KPI Dashboard will integrate information from multiple components into a unified display.

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