Document Management System (DMS)

Like a coffee without a cup; with the absence of an efficient document management system, all the documents created and received by the system spill out all over with no control over where they end up or how to retrieve them when needed. Fully integrated document management system of ePROMIS not only reduces the cost involved with papers, printing, filing and the search for files but also improves the control over the flow of documents, better archiving functionality and document distribution via email.

  • Some business management solutions available in the market can handle the business transactions but unable to take care of innumerable paper documents associated with the business transactions they process. With our Document management system, you can store, edit and share all type of electronic files across your entire business.
  • Benefits at a glance
  • Store, edit, share, track and view any kind of electronic files online.
  • Access, download and use the documents from any location, avoiding duplications.
  • Includes a comprehensive electronic approval and monitoring system.
  • Document imaging
  • Universal attachment system.
  • Track the changes occurred in the documents using revision control functionality.
  • Powerful document search option.

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