Electronic Approval System (EAS)

ePROMIS Electronic Approval System is a workflow management system designed in unique way to provide complete visibility of the approval processes in an organization, it minimizes the delay on gaining approvals and eliminates paper usage.

  • ePROMIS Electronic Approval System (EAS) is an automated workflow management tool that simplifies conventional, complicated document approval proceedings and improves its workflow. EAS also improves the work efficiency as all the documents are managed by the system and that enables a paper-free office atmosphere.

Digital documentations are permanent and more portable when compared conventional paper documents. According to the structure of an organization, its remote or home workers have immediate access to examine, approve or escalate documents sent for approval using web browser based interface.

The integrity of EAS is maintained in ePROMIS ERP software system by sending reminders and escalations to the line managers for missed approval deadlines.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • It uses digital documents
  • Rule based and logical process tasks
  • Work done quicker
  • Enables a paper-free office environment

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