Enterprise Mobility

Access your business any time, anywhere on your smart device
In the business world today, we see some revolutionary developments in enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends. We are entering into a mobile-first world where work environments are not limited to buildings with local area network, computers, and people working on them but a more productive mobile environment.

From accessing official mail from mobile devices to make crucial business decisions, studies suggest 1.3 billion workers around the world use mobile devices for work. To help organizations to take advantage of this growing trend global business technology innovators including ePROMIS Solutions incorporated mobility with their enterprise management solutions. Since the introduction of Mobile ERP software solutions, organizations across the world especially the ones with mobile or remote workforce find great advantages of this innovative idea.

Data Accuracy
In present day organizations, enterprise resource planning solutions are treated as a central information hub for their business. All employees including the managers are responsible in feeding each and every relevant business data into the ERP platform to avoid errors in data analysis. The functionality to enter data from anywhere makes real-time data update possible and eliminates data loss chances during translation.

Efficiency & Productivity
Anywhere anytime accessibility offered by mobile ERP solutions boosts workforce productivity and speed-up activities. Electronic Approval System (ESS) of ePROMIS ERP can be taken as an example, managers can take decision on the requests sent by his subordinates even though they are away from office. Mobile ERP applications empower all office staffs to be flexible with their time, thus improving their time management skills. Mobile workforce can access the office to place requests and check statuses from anywhere they are.

Customer Management
For sales team mobile ERP application is an excellent sales tool, they can access one organizational memory for all client information and previous communication details; this enables them to understand customer behavior and to execute appropriate strategies to improve customer retention rates. The Mobile ERP system from ePROMIS acts as a true personal assistant to the user, it gives reminders on scheduled meetings and get directions to the location with web-map service incorporated.

Quicker Access to Information
The mobile ERP empowers the employees with real-time information at all times. For example the sales team can check stock availability, shipping details, product information etc. easily and quickly. The higher level management can gain all relevant information at a glance to help them in decision making.

Over next couple of years, we predict a 40% increase in the deployment of mobile business solutions worldwide. ePROMIS ERP runs on most iOS and Android devices with dedicated applications for both these platforms. Contact Now if you need more information on ePROMIS Mobile ERP and other business solutions from ePROMIS. Follow ePROMIS on Twitter @ePROMISGlobal, and watch videos on the official YouTube channel.

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