Facility Management

ePROMIS ERP software for Facility Management provides a single source of data that enables you to monitor all your relationships and manage performance, operations and control. Facility management is an increasingly competitive and complex industry sector. As customers are becoming increasingly demanding, delivering the service they want can involve a wide range of contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers thus, easy for costs to get out of control.

ePROMIS ERP software for Facility Management sector is a powerful ERP software suite with modules specifically designed for use in facility management and associated industries. ePROMIS ERP software for Facility Management makes sure facilities practitioners have clear visibility over a complex array of contracts, relationships and processes – from service initiation through execution and delivery to budgeting, billing and contract management.

Our innovative ERP software for Facility Management provides a flexible and easy to use solution which simplifies contract management and also helps in keeping track of manpower and inventory or parts involved in the execution of the job. Many factors need to be considered while managing a large or complex facility. Hence a wide range of information is tracked by the ePROMIS ERP software for Facility Management for ensuring cost effective management of the facilities. ePROMIS ERP software for Facility Management tracks customer calls and maintains a complete log of calls which in-turn facilitates timely decision making.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • Efficiently coordinate supervisor and technician teams to complete facilities maintenance tasks.
  • Easy accessibility of all information relating to any service request.
  • Front Office Management System maintains a chronological list of service contract tasks that are under progress.
  • Registers the Problems or Job requests made through calls, emails etc.
  • Allocate teams for specific areas / locations.
  • Assign priority to tasks, nature of faults, log call histories and work done history for a single issue.
  • Raise, Track and Close Work Orders.
  • Record all events throughout the life cycle of a call.
  • Online system keeps you up-to-date on the progress of all maintenance requests anytime and anywhere.
  • Creates maintenance tickets automatically for scheduled maintenance jobs.
  • Ageing and outstanding reports of customers can be viewed.
  • Obtain Faults and Solutions history.
  • Powerful search utility available to search issues.
  • Facilitates Call response analysis to improve customer satisfaction.

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