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ePROMIS ERP is a comprehensive financial reporting and analysis application that provides people with the tools they need to gain insight into business performance and take quick action. To succeed in today's challenging business climate, your organization needs to stay on top of trends, respond to new challenges and opportunities, and watch the bottom line. ePROMIS also offers comprehensive financial reporting tools that gives the management first hand insight into the business performance thus enabling them to execute quick judgments and actions.

  • Features
  • Financial Budget Preparation & Management : Speeds up data entry and also provides more visibility into the business thus enabling the management to accurately plan and forecast. Based on key financial information pulled from the general ledger to help save time and preserve the integrity of your financial information. Budgets are allocated cost center wise. Based on the cost center the revenue and income accounts can be budgeted for a period of one year. Helps to create budgets for different periods and compare the actual financial performance versus budgeted figures and generate variance reports. This variance report serves as a powerful tool to understand the effect of changing numbers on your plans.
  • Working Capital & Cash Flow Management : Working Capital report supports Multi currency hence giving the user the liberty to make easy financial decisions on a global level. The report can be obtained Company wise, Month wise, Year wise and also in a detailed format displaying the value against each component that comprises the Working Capital calculation. These options play a key role for financial decision-making.
  • Electronic Cash Flow Dashboards are available which provide a graphical view of the outstanding receivable and credit commitments.
  • Age wise analysis of the Accounts Receivable and Payable Dash Boards are available at a glance. Hence critical payment/receipts can be tracked enabling the management to carry out wise assessments.
  • Availability of Cash Flow Statement that gives the users a clear picture of the total Cash Inflow and Outflow for the selected date range.

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