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Best of breed solutions require integrating all the distinct 3rd party solutions each other for managing various business processes. It is important for organizations to know the benefits of switching to our fully integrated ePROMIS ERP solution.

  • ePROMIS ERP is a fully integrated business management solution which can meet the needs of the entire project life cycle within a professional service firm. It also improves efficiency, reduce risks, decrease cost and increase profit.

Many organizations use a mix of best of breed software systems to manage their business processes. However, this approach has many shortcomings in data integration, data handling, usability, security etc. against using a fully integrated business management system.

  • 6 major areas where ePROMIS Solutions outperform its competitors
  • Integration: Integration of distinct 3rd party software for best of breed solution adds extra recurring time and costs the ERP project. ePROMIS ERP solution comes fully integrated and ready to use from day one.
  • Reporting: Information are spread across various applications in the best of breed solutions scenario, this can lead to costly enterprise data warehouse projects for reporting and data analysis. On the other hand ePROMIS ERP automatically pull and update data from the system as all of them are hosted in the same application.
  • Maintenance cost: The cost of maintaining best of breed solutions is higher, since each solution is built on different platform and requires separate databases and middle ware.
  • Security: The more best of breed solutions you have in your organization the more difficulty in maintaining security within the integrated business management solution. ePROMIS fully integrated suite offers indisputable authorizations for smooth security and privacy.
  • Usability: The end user should be skilled to operate each third party best of breed solution in the system as each of them have distinct usability functionality. In the case of fully integrated solution ePROMIS, the users can work without learning many systems.
  • Data integrity: In best of breed solutions common data are shared to various 3rd party applications, this can lead to data duplication. There is no such hassles with data integrity in fully integrated ePROMIS ERP solution.

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