Inventory Management (IM)

ePROMIS Inventory Management software solution proactively provides you with easy real time access to inventory so as to control and be able to optimize stocking levels, free-up working capital, provide more effective customer servicing and benefit from improved profits.

  • Matchless real-time visibility and control of materials and products.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Reduce administrative overheads.
  • Eliminates chance of errors and bottlenecks.

Due to the high competition among manufacturers and distributors, companies are constantly looking for ways to maximize their efficiency and gain better control over their warehouse & inventory management. Companies in asset intensive industries typically hold large inventories of materials and equipment parts, as part of their everyday operations. Companies find it difficult to fulfill the ultimate goal of having the right amount of inventory at the right place, to meet the organization's overall goal for production performance and find it challenging to respond swiftly to customer requirements.  ePROMIS Inventory Management software offers helpful features to minimize warehousing costs, optimize storage needs, track stock balances, serial numbers and bin numbers. It provides an extensive array of reports that provide up-to-date information of all aspects of the inventory including the inventory cost, locations, serial numbers, bin numbers etc.

ePROMIS Inventory Management software System helps in the efficient tracking and management of an organizations inventory. This process involves the control of units so as to prevent inventory from becoming too high or from diminishing to such an extent that puts the operations of the organization at stake.

An organizations inventory should be able to swiftly respond to customer requirements; at the same time should be flexible enough to undertake any corrections when required, and do so without adversely affecting operational efficiency. ePROMIS Inventory Management software system offers helpful features to minimize warehousing costs optimize storage needs, track stock balances, serial numbers and bin numbers.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • Achieve real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control.
  • Fully integrated with the other modules of the ERP software system.
  • Dynamic reports and Dash Boards provide clearer insight into organizations resources at any point of time.
  • Web Based system enables employees and management to access the ERP software system from any part of the world.
  • Improves customer service with faster and better information about product availability, orders and fulfillment status.
  • Reduces warehousing costs, administrative overheads etc.
  • Automated process eliminates chances of any manual bottlenecks and errors.
  • Eliminates paper work and supports manual document handling hassles.

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