Real Time Information

In many of the business management solutions available in the market, on -the-ground transactions might be performed at the point of use which gives the user an impression of a real-time update to the software system. However, the effect of those transactions to the rest of the system is attained after running batch processes then only the effects are visible to the users of other modules. On the other hand ePROMIS ERP solution provides instant, real-time performance and accounting transactions.

  • ePROMIS ERP's capability of Real Time Information enables you to view in real time the ledger, balance sheet, trial balance, P&L. You don't have to wait for a periodic posting to hit the ledger. On approval of any transaction, ePROMIS gives the real time data in all reports. This is a unique feature to ePROMIS Business management software solutions.
  • Benefits at a glance
  • Accounting entries to transactions can be viewed right away in the ledger.
  • Hassle free records posting.
  • Eliminates the effort of manual posting as the approval for the transactions will directly affect the ledger.
  • With ePROMIS enterprise solutions you have easy access and modification with real time data.
  • With the rights provided the user is free to edit the transaction which avoids multiple entries.
  • Adjustment entries in the ledger accounts can be avoided as real time data never keeps your trial balance unadjusted.
  • Minimizes the errors in the recording process of transactions

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