ePROMIS service management software is a robust and friendly enterprise resource planning system that tracks labor your entire resource taken for the service and repair process. The software effectively tracks and manages all the service issues handled at offsite or at the Plant. The servicing and repair jobs for your vehicles and equipment are managed within the system by creating Work Orders and scheduling the same. ePROMIS service management system handles all aspects pertaining to an asset servicing like service calls, parts, labor, warranty, purchase orders, spare parts issues, work orders, and customer billing. The servicing could either be periodically recurring services like Preventive Maintenance or ad-hoc services resulting from non-scheduled service calls from customers.

  • Dynamic and accurate Work Order Invoicing utility.
  • Provide complete insight into the progress of a work order
  • Enhances customer service.
  • Tracks and eliminates duplication of work orders

The main objective of ePROMIS services management solution is to provide an automated method for tracking labor, materials, transportation cost, and external services (outside work) taken for the service and repair process. ePROMIS service management system is integrated with other departments and business processes of the entire ERP software system.

  • Benefits at a glance
  • Better maintenance of assets and increased life expectancy of assets,
  • Reduced overtime costs and efficient use of labors.
  • Enhances customer (internal or external) service.
  • Fully integrated with the other modules of the ERP software system
  • Dynamic reports and Dash Boards provide clearer insight into organizations resources at any point of time.
  • Automation process tracks and eliminates duplication of work orders.
  • Work Orders can be generated from all logged services request through different mediums fax, email, verbal etc
  • System generated Work Order numbers based on nature of service, i.e., Scheduled services or non-scheduled services.
  • Preventive Maintenance can be carried out based on the preset schedules.
  • Consider Outside Work Orders such as Service jobs subcontracted to third-parties
  • Dynamic and accurate Work Order Invoicing utility.
  • Powerful reports are available that provide complete insight into the progress of a work order and also the profitability.

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